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To help students become aware of their duties towards the conservation of the environment, tree plantation drive is undertaken by the students wherein they plant saplings at the beginning of the year. The students are accompanied by the teachers to visit the garden. They are informed about the different varieties of flora that can be seen in the gardens. They are encouraged not only to develop a good flower bed and a garden but are also taught to appreciate nature, enjoy gardening and be able to inspire others to join. The school also has an Environment Club, which helps to bring awareness to the Peer group by conducting various activities during the Environment Week.


Vermi composting is a very useful phenomenon of making compost out of dead leaves and grass. The students are assigned the duty of taking care of the pit and providing the worms with leaves to act upon and produce organic nutrient rich vermin compost. By the virtue of this vermi-composting, our School Garden tends to looks greener and butterflies are seen fluttering happily from flower to flower.


With the depleting level of ground water every year and the wastage of rain water, soon water, the elixir of life, will be in great shortage. Foreseeing this great need our School has undertaken Rain Water Harvesting Project as an integral part of its Environmental Conservation drive. The operation and maintenance of this project rests on the shoulders of the ‘karamcharis’ who ensure the regular cleaning of the plant. The harvested rain water is used to maintain the splendid gardens and the lush green lawns.